UNISA Bursaries South Africa 2016 – 2017


Bursaries: Undergraduate

Students may qualify for the following prestigious bursaries:
The Department of Higher Education and Training bursary for students with disabilities

This bursary aims to facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities by empowering them through financial means to academic access.

To qualify, the student must:

  • be a South African citizen with a disability
  • show the potential to succeed academically


This bursary covers tuition fees, study material and assistive devices, depending on the nature of the disability. Students need to apply annually.

Students will not be allowed to change the course for which they have been granted the bursary.
To be awarded, students must meet the requirements of the bursary. A limited amount of funds are made available each year.

How to apply for aid?
Applications can be made via one of our regional offices throughout South Africa or through the post, telephonically, personally or by downloading the necessary information from our website.
Applications for the first semester are open from 1 August – 20 September (annually).

To obtain the application form please click the DE Disability Application form link. (PDF)


Bestmed Bursary

Bestmed is offering a bursary to students studying towards the Diploma in General Nursing, BA (Cur), Hons BA (Cur) and Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health. The bursary is awarded annually based on applications received. The bursary covers tuition as well as book fees. Application forms can be submitted to any Unisa office. Only fully completed and correct application forms with all necessary documents attached will be considered.

Please click Bestmed Application form (doc) link to download an application form.


Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries bursary awards

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries intends to award comprehensive bursaries to qualifying applicants pursuing and/or intending to further their studies in critical scarce skills in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors. The bursaries will cover tuition, accommodation, books, meals and monthly allowance. The bursary awards target the previously disadvantaged and impoverished persons from poverty-stricken and deep rural communities. Females and people with disabiities are encouraged to apply. (This bursary is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students).

Please click the Agriculture Bursary (PDF 154KB) link for further information.


Attorneys Fidelity Fund

Closing date: 15 August (annually)
The Attorneys Fidelity Fund is a statutory client protection fund, providing protection against loss of money or property entrusted to attorneys. The Fund is committed to the enhancement of standards of legal education in South Africa, particularly for aspirant entrants into the attorneys’ profession. We’d like to help you.

Please click the Fund Brochure PDF link for further information.

Please click the Attorneys Fidelity Fund Application form PDF and follow the instructions contained therein. Click on the Checklist PDF to ensure that all necessary documents are attached to the application form.


DAFI Scholarship Programme

Application date: 1 April – 15 September (annually)
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in South Africa provides a limited number of scholarships for refugees at tertiary level in Government universities, technikons and colleges in South Africa. The scholarship originated from the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI) which is funded by the German Government.

Please click on the Poster PDF or Brochure PDF for further information and application details.

Department of Social Development bursary 6 (Gauteng Province)

The Department of Social Development is making 20 new bursaries and financial assistance available to students residing in the Gauteng Province and who wish to study at a recognised/accredited learning institution within the Province. Financial assistance will be awarded to students that enrol for their studies during any level of study.

For more information click the brochure link. (PDF)

To apply for the bursary download the application form by clicking the application form link.


Department of Social Development Internship Programme

Department of Social Development offers exciting opportunities to suitable candidates for potential placement in their Internship programme. The intention is to give practical work experience to those studetns who are in their last year of study (BA Social Work) and require In-Service Training in order to obtain their qualification and those who recently graduated but are unemployed and require exposure in a work environment.

For more information click the brochure link. (PDF)

To apply for the Internship Programme, click the application form link.


Department of Arts and Culture: Linguistics Bursary

The Department of Arts and Culture is offering a bursary to students wishing to enrol for a BA degree majoring in Language Practice and Linguistics. This bursary is offered in a bid to build capacity in language practice and to elevate the status of previously marginalised official languages, the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) grants financial support for students to complete their BA in Linguistics/Language Practice. Career opportunities for students of African Languages would include those of translator, interpreter, lexicographer, terminographer, language planner, editor, document design and editor, and human language technologist. Although the DAC cannot guarantee employement, it does recognise the need for qualified language practitioners in South Africa.

The bursary covers full tuition and textbooks.

To apply for the DAC Linguistics bursary, click the Linguistics Bursary Application Form.


The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)’s Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund

NYDA is responsible for mainstreaming and integrating youth development in all organs of the state, private sector as well as civil society. The NYDA is calling South African young people who intend to study at registered Universities and Universities of Technology to apply for the Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship fund. The following criteria will apply: * Financial neediness – combined salary of less than R15,000 a month * Reside in rural/Semi-rural areas * Engage in community service * Undergraduate/1st year registration, meet APS score and achieve an average of 70% in the NSC.

To apply for the NYDA Solomon Mahlangu bursary, click the Mahlangu Application Form. (PDF)

For more information and contact details, click the advertisement. (PDF)


The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)’s International Scholarship Opportunity to Study in the Russian Federation

NYDA is responsible for mainstreaming and integrating youth development in all organs of the state, private sector as well as civil society. The NYDA is calling on youth who are interested in studying for junior and master’s degrees in the Russian Federation. The opportunity is facilitated by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO). THe following fields of study will be considered: * Heat-power Engineering * Electric Power Industry * Power-plant Engineering * Refrigerating, Cryogenic Engineering * Engineering exploration of flying machines * Technical operation of Aircraft Electric Systems and Aviation Systems. All successful candidates will be required to do a one year language course as all tuition will be offered in a foreign language

To apply for the NYDA Russia Scholarship, click the application form, as well as the questionaire and medical contradictions list.

For more information and contact details, click the advertisment. (PDF)


City of Cape Town bursaries: Library and Information Science

Bursaries for full-time studies at approved tertiary institutions are currently offered to persons residing in the greater Cape Metropolitan area and who will be registering for an undergraduate/postgraduate degree/diploma.

See all the details here. (http://www.capetown.gov.za/en/Pages/Externalbursareisfor2014.aspx)

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